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Embark on a journey with Revolutionary Marketing, where empathy meets innovation, creating a space where visionary CEOs like you find the support you’ve been seeking. I’m Melinda Janicki, your ally and guide, committed to walking alongside you as we unlock the full potential of your purpose-driven brand.

At Revolutionary Marketing, we understand the weight of your vision and the challenges of carrying it alone. We craft our strategies to align with your dreams, offering a tailored experience that functions as an extension of your own team. From enchanting web designs that tell your story to crafting narratives that connect and build an authentic community, our goal is to make your burden lighter.

But this journey we’re on? It’s about more than just marketing. With over 20 years in the trenches of business, I’ve learned the ins and outs of what it really takes to grow and scale. I’m here to dive deep with you, applying the kind of strategic and structural know-how that links your marketing efforts with your operations—like two pieces of a puzzle fitting perfectly together.

We’re talking about building a culture that lifts everyone up, making your company not just a place to work, but a place to thrive. So, when you partner with me, you’re getting more than a marketing pro; you’re gaining a dedicated executive sidekick, ready to tackle every challenge right alongside you.

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We begin our journey together with the Insightful Alignment phase. Here, we dive deep into your world, understanding not just your business goals, but the soul of your brand.

Our approach isn’t just about numbers and data; we bring in energetics and intuitive methodologies to align your mission with the universe’s rhythm.

This phase is about creating a resonant foundation, where your vision and our strategy harmoniously interconnect, setting the stage for a campaign that’s not only successful but also true to your core values.

Phase 2: strategic innovation

The Strategic Innovation phase transforms your vision into reality. Combining traditional marketing with our unique intuitive and energetic insights, we uncover and amplify your brand’s distinct energy.

This phase creatively merges your mission with innovative strategies and the latest technologies, ensuring your message resonates deeply with your audience.

We integrate essential elements like stat and KPI dashboards, along with comprehensive brand and procedural guides, to solidify your marketing department’s foundation.


In the Impactful Execution phase, our shared vision crystallizes into tangible achievements. Here, energetics and intuition synchronize to manifest real-world success.

We execute our strategies with precision through ongoing inbound and outbound marketing combined with strategic launching.  Beyond launching campaigns, we cultivate and refine them, ensuring they resonate with your brand’s unique vibrational signature.

In this stage, we also focus on community building and nurturing new leads. By fostering a vibrant, engaged community around your brand, we create a supportive ecosystem that amplifies impact and facilitates organic growth. Success transcends metrics, embodying the transformative change and deep connection we foster together.

Phase 4: Expansion & optimization

In this crucial Expansion and Optimization phase, we focus on scaling your success and maintaining momentum. This is where we ensure that your growth is not only achieved but sustained over time.

We’ll refine and adapt strategies to evolving market trends and your growing business needs, ensuring long-term stability and continuous improvement. This phase is all about maximizing your reach, solidifying your market position, and setting the stage for ongoing success.

Once we feel confident in this stage we can introduce new products and services straight from the feedback of your community to create multiple revenue builders within your organization. 

Elevating Mission-Based Visions

INTO 6 & 7-Figure Realities

Your business has the power to be more than just a revenue-generating machine—it can be a beacon of positive change. Engage in a business model that not only uplifts consumers but also serves as a steward for our planet, all while achieving sustainable growth.

Because your impact on the world isn’t just important—it’s transformative!

Rooted in spirituality, quantum physics, and the power of human connection, we bring a holistic approach to every funnel, campaign, and launch we touch. As dedicated healers, we also infuse ethereal energy into business strategies—turning your marketing funnels into powerful vortexes of opportunity and abundance.

Our ultimate goal is to propel mission-based businesses into the limelight—because we know that when you succeed, humanity benefits. Your dream of making the world a better place becomes a tangible reality, amplified through 6 & 7-figure launches that don’t just generate revenue but make waves of positive change.


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What clients are saying...

I’ve been working with Melinda to promote my astrology and writing business for two years now. Melinda is in the business of making your dreams come true, and she does it in the most professional, brilliant, wholistic way possible.

She has the biggest visions, and she knows how to make them practical. Melinda is experienced, knowledgeable, determined, and focused, and she knows just what works. Her loving and compassionate approach makes it a pleasure to work with her. With Melinda by my side, I know that there is nothing I can’t achieve in my business. If you want to take your business to a new level, Melinda is exactly what you need.

-Yael T.W.

This is a lovely graphic, Melinda! Really light & yet magical. Perfect! And I love love LOVE seeing marketing being done for me on my Facebook page.

I’ve been super thrilled… The likes have nearly doubled on my page this week 19k + is what I just saw! Thank you, Melinda, for getting my back and my business’s back so whole heartedly.

-Dr. Alison

As an empowerment coach dedicated to uplifting black business owners, finding a marketing agency that truly resonates with my values and understands the nuances of my clientele was pivotal.

From the outset, Melinda and her team didn’t just offer marketing solutions; they provided a platform for empowerment, giving a voice to businesses that often go unheard in the mainstream market.

The strategies implemented by Revolutionary Marketing were not only effective but also imbued with cultural sensitivity and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Their approach to storytelling, brand development, and digital outreach resonated deeply with my clients, helping us to connect with our audience on a more authentic and engaging level.

The results were evident in the increased visibility, engagement, and revenue growth through a new custom launch model created by Melinda herself.

I’m grateful for the partnership with Revolutionary Marketing and confidently recommend them to any mission-driven entrepreneur or business looking to make a real difference. Their blend of professionalism, empathy, and innovative marketing strategies is a game-changer.