Your business can be a part of the ever-growing Mission-Based business revolution, where a business is supportive for consumers, supportive for the planet, and supportive for business!

Because what you DO in the world means SO much!

"When Aligned with Oneness, Business Is The Most Powerful Engine on Earth for Creating Prosperity & Flourishing for All."

– Nassim Haramien

Our unique marketing agency holds the secrets to combining powerful marketing strategies with ancient wisdom & quantum energetics so your business can thrive in universal truth.

More and more businesses are coming online to the realization that the energy of business must be aligned with the energy of the universe.

Just like our bodies, there is a life force that each business holds and when tuned into and amplified, it can fuel your marketing and exponentially expand your business.

Comprehensive Business Energetics

The only place your business & marketing gets access to 100s of Ancient Encoded Wisdoms backed by the fundamentals of Quantum Physics, now also including Astrology. 

Result Driven Marketing Strategies

We cut through the noise and develop custom-to-you marketing strategies that cultivate a community-based of high-converting leads. 

Funnel Development

Get Leads Effortlessly with Professional Sales & Lead Generating Funnel Development.

We provide custom designed comprehensive funnel execution with a running 45%+ conversion rate. 

Pay Per Click

Direct your target demographic straight to you through powerful PPCs on first-tier search engines.

Or generate leads and sales within days from intricate Facebook campaigns.

Website Design

Get a brand-new site or revamp an old one and stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge design.

Content Marketing

Custom curated content that conveys your voice, supports your community, and nurtures your prospects. Content is a key component to boosting your brand online and not only playing the social media game but winning.

All content is generated with a unique Revolutionary Marketing Neuro-Marketing skill set. Our system for creating content will help you stand out even if the most crowded industry.

Brand Design

What your brand mission, vision, and look says is everything in this digital marketplace.

We combine the latest tech, the most gorgeous visuals, and the highest vibrations to magnetize your ideal clients.

Affiliate Marketing

The best kind of connection is one that is recommended by another.

We manage your affiliate campaign from A-Z. When managed properly, this is a powerful organic way to grow your business.

"A Business Built On a Mission Coming From The Heart Is A Business Built On A Strong Foundation"

– Melinda Janicki

We work with a specific selection of mission-based or conscious businesses and it’s our honor to amplify the voices of their mission through customized marketing flows, and strategic support built just for you.

In fact, it’s our mission to help bring your product or service to as many people as possible, so together we can make this world a better place.

Let’s chat about how we can fulfill your mission and ours. Click the button below to schedule a Complimentary Conscious Business Expansion Session here:


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Changing The World

“This is a lovely graphic, Melinda! Really light & yet magical. Perfect!

And I love love LOVE seeing marketing being done for me on my Facebook page.

I’ve been super thrilled…

The likes have nearly doubled on my page this week 19k + is what I just saw!

Thank you, Melinda, for getting my back and my business’s back so wholeheartedly.”

-Dr. Alison

"I cultivate an energetic Marketing, that is powered by the wisdom of possibility. What you energetically feed into your business is just as important as the tangible actions you take to support your customer and in-turn the world..."

I’ve discovered how to do business from a place of energetic power that allows your mission to shine and lead the charge as you connect in with your ideal customer.

When you shift the energy, amplify the morphogenetic fields and have the right physical foundational systems (funnels, ads, pipelines, etc.) in place, the momentum of leads and sales just naturally flows.

Imagine if every image, web code, and content built for your business was encoded with the energetics of the universe and amplifying your mission?

Where you had a resource that supports you in threading the heart of your business to the heart of your customer, in a way that clears out the noise, the limiting beliefs and the energetic blocks… A pillar of support that stands with you to create the right pathways of growth for everyone involved.

Imagine how your business can soar when we partner together and apply my over 17 years of experience in successful 6 and 7 figure launches that is backed by the underlying magic of this universe. 

The possibilities are infinite! 

My team & I are here to support and we can’t wait to see you shine!”