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The Hidden Costs of Marketing Your Business in 2024: An Unconventional Guide

Written by: Melinda Janicki

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The Hidden Costs of Marketing Your Business in 2024: An Unconventional Guide

Gearing up your business for the 2024 marketing scene feels a bit like stepping onto a movie set where you’re the director, producer, and sometimes, the stunt double. It’s a mix of high stakes, tight budgets, and the occasional plot twist—kind of like trying to enjoy a coffee while riding a rollercoaster.

As you navigate this thrilling plot of digital dominance, let’s break down the real cost of making your brand not just seen but unforgettable, minus the industry jargon and with all the straight talk of a heart-to-heart with a fellow business warrior.

Peeling Back the Curtain on Marketing Costs in 2024

In the blockbuster saga of your business, marketing isn’t just a scene filler; it’s the main storyline. But just how much will it cost to ensure this tale ends with a standing ovation?

In-House Marketing Team: The Rock Stars or the Money Pits?

Imagine assembling a marketing supergroup, each member a virtuoso in their field, ready to orchestrate your brand’s message into a symphony. Sounds like a dream team, right? However, bringing together a full ensemble of marketing maestros—a strategic manager, a content writer with a penchant for crafting Shakespearean prose, an SEO wizard, a social media guru, expert funnel builders, and savvy paid media buyers—might have you forking over a budget that rivals that of a blockbuster, with costs ranging from $300,000 to $500,000+ annually in salaries alone. Then, consider the extras: benefits, the latest tech tools for their trade, and yes, even the gourmet snacks for those marathon brainstorming sessions. On top of that, there’s the significant time and effort required to convey your executive vision and manage the intricate process. This ensemble, while talented, comes with a substantial investment, both financially and in terms of the CEO’s bandwidth, often leading to a backstage filled with the complexities of leadership and coordination.

Yet, there’s something to be said for having a team that’s as dedicated to your brand as you are, even if it means considering a second mortgage.

Outsourcing to a Marketing Agency: The Cost-Effective Ninjas

On the flip side, hiring a full fractional marketing team is akin to bringing in a league of executive ninjas. Not only do they execute with precision, but they also bring the added superpower of executive-level management and decision-making into the mix. At Revolutionary Marketing, this comprehensive approach means CEOs can truly inhabit their role, free from the burnout, overwhelm, and time-consuming management tasks often associated with outsourced solutions. Agency costs can still surprise you, ranging from a reasonable $2,000 a month to a major production at $20,000, depending on whether you’re looking for a marketing haiku or an epic saga. But with a full fractional team, the value extends far beyond tasks completion; it’s about seamlessly integrating strategic leadership, so you can focus on steering your business forward without getting tangled in the marketing weeds.

The perk? You get a motley crew of experts without having to keep them on your payroll year-round.

DIY Digital Marketing: The Brave (and Time-Rich) Souls’ Path

If you fancy yourself a bit of a marketing MacGyver, going the DIY route with digital marketing tools might seem like a wallet-friendly adventure. And it can be, with costs ranging from “free ninety-nine” to “might need to skip a few lattes.” But here’s the catch: mastering these tools and strategies requires time—a lot of it. You’ll be trading your hours for pennies, and you better believe there’s no refund on time.

Crafting Your Mission-Based Marketing Strategy

When it comes to deploying your marketing budget effectively, the array of options can feel overwhelming. Here’s how you can strategically navigate these choices, ensuring your investment delivers the maximum impact without overextending your resources:

1. Set Clear Marketing Objectives

💡Tip: Define what success in marketing looks like for your business. This could range from enhancing brand awareness to driving sales or increasing engagement. Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals provides a clear target for your marketing efforts.

📋 Actionable Step: Write down your top three marketing objectives for the quarter. Ensure they are aligned with your overall business goals and are measurable.

2. Conduct a Skills and Resources Audit

💡Tip: Assess the capabilities of your current team and the marketing tools at your disposal. This will help you identify gaps in your marketing strategy that may require outsourcing or new hires.

📋 Actionable Step: List all marketing activities needed to achieve your objectives. Next to each activity, note whether you have the skill in-house, need to develop it, or should outsource it.

3. Create a Budget Based on Priorities

💡Tip: Allocate your marketing budget based on the activities most likely to achieve your defined objectives. Not all strategies require equal investment; prioritize those with the highest potential ROI.

📋 Actionable Step: Assign a percentage of your total marketing budget to each activity based on its priority and expected ROI. Consider using tools like Google Analytics and social media insights to inform these decisions.

4. Embrace Flexibility and Agility

💡Tip: The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Be prepared to adjust your strategies based on performance data and emerging trends.

📋 Actionable Step: Schedule monthly reviews of your marketing performance. Use these insights to pivot or adjust strategies, reallocating budget as necessary to optimize for performance.

Effective marketing budget allocation requires a balance of strategic planning, ongoing assessment, and agility. By setting clear objectives, understanding your team’s capabilities, judiciously allocating your budget, and remaining flexible, you can maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and achieve your business goals.

Join Forces with Revolutionary Marketing

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Think of us at Revolutionary Marketing as your co-directors. We’re here to help you navigate the bewildering world of marketing costs with strategies that won’t require selling your kidney on the black market. Get started by setting up a chat with us here, let’s make 2024 the year your brand breaks the internet, in a good way.

Remember, every marketing journey begins with a single step, preferably in the right direction. Let’s stride boldly into the spotlight together, shall we?

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